Personalized notebooks for a perfect brand communication


Personalized notebook includes visible creativity, the game of using shapes, great surface feel and the thought process of designs. Extended variety of colors, individuality, perfect functionality, multiple variations, high value, a distinctive branding and perfect promotional products includes all of it for a personalized notebook.

MYRIX stand for innovative high quality notebooks and calendars, whose goal it is to fulfill customer’s needs and visualize communication in an intelligent and simplistic order, every single day.

A personalized notebook “Made in Germany” and “Made in Europe“

With state of the art production facilities creating a personalized notebook “Made in Germany“ and “Made in Europe“ MYRIX offers high class products, that are always individualized to the specific budget needs for the customer and includes a fast turnaround process. Sort delivery times that include the best quality understand each other alone. For customers with lower budgets we are able to offer support from our Hong Kong Office to maximize productivity and create suitable products.

Smaller order volumes of a personalized notebook can be supplied from our stock assortment within a few days, which can include logo prints. Individualized notebooks can be specified with all-over print motif prints or in special colors. Clients can order from a quantity of only 250 pcs or in higher volumes, at a time perfectly reflecting the wishes of your customers.

MYRIX – the brand for innovative and creative notebooks!

Enjoy your first MYRIX Notebook.

Patrick Döring

PSI 2018

PSI 2018 - we say THANK YOU Thank you very much to all customers visiting our booth during the PSI 2018. It was a great PSI show.

January 16th, 2018|