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Format Product Sizes

The procedure of our company Myrix, how to format product sizes and an overview of our stock models. Format product sizes when dealing with larger projects, we are aware that the process has to be efficient, always fit the customer’s needs, reach their expectations and ensure the product includes the desired brand.

To ensure the best and fastest delivery service our on hand items M1, M2, M3 and M4 are always available in different colors variations and on hand and in our warehouses. Of course our products can be personalized for example using screen printing, embossing stamping, digital printing, single name prints, screen printing, embossing, digital printing for picture as well as incorporating motifs. Format product sizes that includes various printing options and can be integrated onto advertising pages. A MYRIX notebook is a perfect and an individual brand communicator.

Format product sizes with MYRIX that can be incorporated with a unique USB metal (it is available in 3 different colors) and can be incorporated into the cover.  

The customer can choose the placement of the USB sticks and format product sizes. Only MYRIX offers an exclusive three color variation for the metal USB’s!

Individualizations possible as from 50 pcs.

All stock items can be individualized starting from 50 pcs.

An overview of the available print options you can find on the single product pages.

Format product sizes and 45x205mm notebook for 2017
Format product sizes and 170x170mm notebook for 2017
Format product sizes and 45x205mm notebook for 2017
Notebook M1
Notebook M3
Notebook M4
Notebook M5
Notebook M6
Notebook M7