Refinement custom made Notebooks

Custom Made Notebooks and Diaries – 100% individual solutions in line with customer demands

The refinement Options for stock items can be also applied for Special editions.

Individual notepages design

Custom made inner page Layouts, logo on each page, page Count and many more Options can be made.

Partial UV Lack

Partial UV lack makes the logo or other Image Elements printed on matt Prismalux paper covers shiny and visible.

3D-Print lack

Promotional products in perfection – feel Image Elements and logos printed on covers.

Inner block tabs

Divide the inner block of a MYRIX Notebook into chapters.

Color- and motive Edge painting

No matter if the classical style in silver and Gold or modern Colors are preferred – Edge paintings create visibility.

All-Over blind stamps

All-Over Blind stamps or a design element stamped over the spine, with this imprint brand communication becomes visible.

Individual Ribbon

… so the communication remains visible on every page.

Other elastic-/ pen loop colors

A large Color range of elastic bands, pen loops and Ribbons are available and can be used as a design element.